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May 26, 2005 - Ram's Head - Baltimore, MD


Alcohol and Pills
Hey Hey
Hard Enough
Ballad of the Kingsmen
Good News Blues
Workin' On A Fine Tune
Bad News
I Believe
45 Miles
Easy Money
Play a Train Song
Late Last Night
Conservative Christian...
Alright Guy
Margaritaville [Jimmy Buffett]

Age Like Wine
Heart Of Gold [Neil Young]
Enjoy Yourself


Review by Josh Larson:

Satisfaction Guaranteed........... the first song of a two show east coast run by Todd Snider and The Nervous Wrecks....That song was to be an omen for what was to come....My journey began in Philly when I jumped an Amtrak about 3:30 pm. What a nice relaxing way to travel listen to some tunes, read, drink, whatever no worries....I arrived in Baltimore to be pleasantly surprised by the weather (it was raining when I left Philly)...After talkin to my roommate for the evening we agreed to meet at the hotel and then make plans from there....After chatting a bit and such we decided that it was definitely time to get to the venue and grab some drinks and maybe some food as well....After a short walk (about 9 blks) we arrived at the venue...We found the line to get in the door and waited about 10 mins before they opened the doors and let us in....I was immediately apprehensive of the venue as it was a very corporate, concrete venue.....not like the nice cozy places Todd usually plays....We found a place in front of the stage grabbed some drinks and waited for the show to start...The opener Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers went on around 830..I had seen them before in Philly so I was interested to see my reaction this time around.... Well it was the same....they are fun but nothing that special...They did do a cool acapella version of Cripple Creek......I just want to add that I have decided that these show are just as much about all the great friends that you are going to see/meet as they are about the kick-ass music that you know you will hear....