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April 30, 2005 - Beale Street Music Festival - Memphis, TN


Sideshow Blues
Play a Train Song
Alcohol and Pills
Hard Enough
45 Miles
Easy Money
Late Last Night
Alright Guy


Alright Guy performed with Keith Sykes.

Review by Dan Schlosser:

Had a great time in the mud hole that is Tom Lee Park on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis. The show got a bit of a late start due to some technical difficulties but Todd and the Wrecks jammed as much as they could in to a short set. Unfortunately with festival shows the schedule is tight so a late start doesn’t mean the band can just play longer. Such is life.

The band was the Wrecks regulars with the exception of lead guitar where we had someone else in place of Will who had a gig elsewhere, with Rodney C maybe…   He was a hell of a picker though and you could see Tommy and Todd watching him at times just checking out the licks from the new guy. A good time was had by one and all on stage it looked like.

Tommy entertained the crowd for a bit leading them through some crowd noise bringing them up to a loud roar then dropping them down to silence with his hand motions. He was also talking in to the nonfunctional mic for a bit as they tried to fix the tech issues.