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February 27, 2004 - Headliners - Louisville, KY


Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
You Think You Know Somebody
Beer Run
Can't Complain
Statistician's Blues
Rose City Blues
[Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2 intro]
Better Than Ever Blues, Part 2
Vinyl Records
Hey Hey
Keep Off the Grass
D.B. Cooper
Late Last Night
Betty Was Black (Willie Was White)
This Land is Our Land > Fortunate Son [CCR]
[Universal Studios story]
Sideshow Blues
Alright Guy > [Guidance counselor story]

Good News Blues


LENGTH: 115:52
TAPER: Brian Kincaid
NOTES: Recording includes opening set by Will Kimbrough as filler.


Will Kimbrough opened this show and joined Todd for a portion of his set. As Todd is trying to introduce himself , he calls out an audience member who won't quit yelling: "Hey, listen, is that you again who said that? Listen, seriously, I'm not joking. This is not one of the funny parts of the show. If you keep yelling at me while I'm trying to talk, I gonna ask somebody to ask you to fuckin' stop it. Go back to the frat house and yell." Todd tells the crowd that he went to the doctor recently and "was prescribed no more drugs." A long-time fan and friend of Todd's (familiar to many of us) joins Todd on stage for Guaranteed in celebration of her birthday.


On Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern:

On Sideshow Blues: On Alright Guy:

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