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January 13, 2001 - Creighton Theater - Conroe, TX


Stay a Little Longer (Stay All Night) [Bob Wills]
Hey You [Jack Ingram]
Trouble [Todd Snider]
Nothing Wrong With That [Ingram]
Horseshoe Lake [Snider]
For Pete's Sake [Ingram]
Lonely Girl [Snider]
Run to Me [Ingram]
Biloxi [Ingram]
Missing You [Snider]
Can't Complain [Snider]
Mustang Burn [Ingram]
Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues [Snider] >
I Shall Be Free, No. 10 [Bob Dylan] > Talking New York [Bob Dylan]
Fine Tune [Ingram/Snider]
[How Todd and Jack met]
Picture On My Wall [Ingram]
She Does Her Best [Ingram]
Long Year [Snider]
Better Off Alone [Ingram]
Alright Guy [Snider]
Flutter [Ingram]
Doublewide Blues [Snider]
Airways Motel [Ingram]
Barbie Doll [Ingram/Snider]
Live Forever [Eddy & Billy Joe Shaver]
Pissin' In the Wind [Jerry Jeff Walker]


LENGTH: 129:43
NOTES: A tiny skip about 2:25 into Trouble and 1:45 into She Does Her Best. Some digital noise while Jack is talking after Picture on My Wall.


Todd Snider and Jack Ingram kick back and play their songs together. This is such a fun show with a lot of laughing, stories from the road, and background on some songs. For the most part, Todd and Jack are on vocals for their own songs. Other than that, Todd takes the vocals for Picture On My Wall, Live Forever, and Pissin' in the Wind; Jack takes Fine Tune; and they both sing on Stay a Little Longer and Barbie Doll.


On Talkin' Seattle Grunge Rock Blues:

On Alright Guy: On Doublewide Blues:

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