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Save a Place for Me

Tell me about these roads that you've run down
Tell me about these mountains you've climbed
But I know you'll never be satisfied
Until you cross that last bridge and you're all mine
I wish you well when you get where you're going
Wherever that place might be
Just remember
Save a place for me

I know that traveling ain't easy
I know that the choices are hard
I know that gamble is a tough one to take
When they're making you bet your heart
I stand beside you through all this confustion
Til you get where you need to be
Just remember
Save a place for me

I know you'll never give up
The rest of those starry eyed chickens
You'll find a way to walk through the ruts
The rest of us seem to stick in

Just remember when it's over
Any you stare down all your dreams
I stood behind your blindest of visions
When they were still as dark as they seemed
If you decide that back where you started
Is where you always needed to be
Remember to save a place for me
Save a place for me

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